I’m Denyse di Pietro. I was a girl full of life. I loved my job at the software company and loved my family. I was someone who liked to hang around with friends and take initiatives in various community tasks. One fine day, all these enthusiasms came to a halt when I got diagnosed with breast cancer. First, I couldn’t believe it, so I went for a second diagnosis in a better hospital. But the result was same. My family and friends were there all the time for me. My doctor gave me hope. Though I was in stage 3 of my cancer, the doctor assured me that if I follow the treatment, I was given and maintain the new lifestyle suggested by the doctor, then I could survive. So, my fight with cancer began. Those horrible chemotherapies, the change in my appearance, everything was too much to take in the beginning. But soon I learned to live with it.

Now I don’t have the cancerous cells in my body anymore. I have survived! I know there are lots of people like me out there who are going through the same phase that I’ve gone through. This blog is to help those people survive the difficult treatment of cancer. You will find lots of tips, resources, and stories that will help you to fight this dreadful disease and be strong like me.

Hope this blog will help you to live a better life, despite having cancer.