4 foods that are helpful in fighting cancer

Doctors encourage cancer patients to eat plant-based food. Here is some scientifically proven food that is said to work well for cancer patients.



This vegetable has cancer-fighting properties. It contains sulforaphane. This chemical is responsible for improving the protective enzymes of the body. Broccoli can get rid of the cancer-causing chemicals. It helps fight breast cancer, liver cancers, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, and more.



Any berries are good for a cancer patient. Black raspberries are very helpful in particular. They contain a high amount of anthocyanins that slow down the premalignant cells’ growth. It helps in fighting colon cancer, oral cancer, and skin cancer.



The phytochemicals in garlic stop the development of nitrosamines. Research conducted by the Iowa Women’s Health Study found that if a woman has high garlic content in her diet, then the risk of colon cancer is reduced by 50%. You can simply chop a clove of fresh crushed garlic and add some tomato sauce before eating. The ‘crushing’ part is important as it releases the good enzymes from garlic.



Having walnuts in your regular diet can decrease the risk of colon cancer. It slows down the growth of the cancerous cells.
You should have five to nine regular servings of these foods to reduce the risk of having cancer. By eating the right food, we will be able to fight cancer. But food is not enough; we should also bring in some change in our lifestyle to lead a cancer-free life.

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