5 things you know about Chemotherapy that are not true

Chemotherapy for every patient is unique. There are many types of chemotherapy depending on the kind and stage of cancer. The drugs and treatment strategies are not same for everybody. People have some misconceptions about chemotherapy. Here, we will discuss those.

You cannot work while you are on chemotherapy

img2If you are on Folfox or Folfiri drug, then you can work full time. Going to work makes people feel better as they get to be preoccupied with work and don’t get the time to think about their physical state. But in some cases, there might be side effects that can make the patient very sick. In such case, it might be difficult to work.

You will always have diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue

Doctors encourage patients to be active during treatment. They give the patients pre-medications and post medications to get rid of nausea and diarrhea. You can manage your fatigue by maintaining a certain lifestyle, like doing exercise, diet, etc.
You will have to be in the hospital for the entire period of treatment

Most of the time chemo drugs are given on an outpatient basis. In some cases, patients only need a simple shot which they can administer themselves at home.

Losing all your hair

img3Cancer patients lose hair but not in all cases. In some cases, there is no hair loss at all; it depends on the chemotherapy drugs that are being administered. Some patients only experience thinning of hair, instead of total loss of hair. Whatever the case is, the hair can grow back right after the treatment or even before that.

Same amount of chemo is given to each patient

The case of every patient is unique. Different doses of chemo are given to different patients depending on their condition.
We should keep this information in mind so that whenever our closed ones or we have cancer, we can let them know about it.

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