4 foods that are helpful in fighting cancer

Doctors encourage cancer patients to eat plant-based food. Here is some scientifically proven food that is said to work well for cancer patients.



This vegetable has cancer-fighting properties. It contains sulforaphane. This chemical is responsible for improving the protective enzymes of the body. Broccoli can get rid of the cancer-causing chemicals. It helps fight breast cancer, liver cancers, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, and more.



Any berries are good for a cancer patient. Black raspberries are very helpful in particular. They contain a high amount of anthocyanins that slow down the premalignant cells’ growth. It helps in fighting colon cancer, oral cancer, and skin cancer.



The phytochemicals in garlic stop the development of nitrosamines. Research conducted by the Iowa Women’s Health Study found that if a woman has high garlic content in her diet, then the risk of colon cancer is reduced by 50%. You can simply chop a clove of fresh crushed garlic and add some tomato sauce before eating. The ‘crushing’ part is important as it releases the good enzymes from garlic.



Having walnuts in your regular diet can decrease the risk of colon cancer. It slows down the growth of the cancerous cells.
You should have five to nine regular servings of these foods to reduce the risk of having cancer. By eating the right food, we will be able to fight cancer. But food is not enough; we should also bring in some change in our lifestyle to lead a cancer-free life.

5 interesting facts about breast cancer

We hear of people having breast cancer. It is a disease that has received attention due to its growing rate. Here are some important facts about breast cancer.

•    Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women in the U.S. It is the second in the list of cancers that cause death among women. However, people are still unaware of the importance of knowing about the risk of breast cancer.

•    Breast cancer has good relation with a person’s genetics. If your first-degree relative has breast cancer, then you have more tendency of basing breast cancers. Breast cancers do not only take place due to genetic reasons. Someone whose history is clear may also suffer from breast cancer.

•    Everyone in thousand people has the chance of having breast cancer. Every year about 450 men die from breast cancer. The reason for high death rate is that most people are unaware that breast cancer may happen to men as well. So, they diagnose at a later stage, reducing the chance of survival.

•    The risk of breast cancer becomes more as you grow old. The risk of breast cancer in a woman of age 20 is 1 in 1,760, but in the case of a 70-year-old woman is 1 in 27 only.

•    There is no connection between prostate cancer and breast cancer; that is, it is not true that a prostate cancer patient has higher chances of having breast cancer or vice versa.

We need to study more about breast cancer. If you are a woman, you should do some early screening to find out if you have breast cancer or not. By diagnosing earlier, we can beat the disease.

5 things you know about Chemotherapy that are not true

Chemotherapy for every patient is unique. There are many types of chemotherapy depending on the kind and stage of cancer. The drugs and treatment strategies are not same for everybody. People have some misconceptions about chemotherapy. Here, we will discuss those.

You cannot work while you are on chemotherapy

img2If you are on Folfox or Folfiri drug, then you can work full time. Going to work makes people feel better as they get to be preoccupied with work and don’t get the time to think about their physical state. But in some cases, there might be side effects that can make the patient very sick. In such case, it might be difficult to work.

You will always have diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue

Doctors encourage patients to be active during treatment. They give the patients pre-medications and post medications to get rid of nausea and diarrhea. You can manage your fatigue by maintaining a certain lifestyle, like doing exercise, diet, etc.
You will have to be in the hospital for the entire period of treatment

Most of the time chemo drugs are given on an outpatient basis. In some cases, patients only need a simple shot which they can administer themselves at home.

Losing all your hair

img3Cancer patients lose hair but not in all cases. In some cases, there is no hair loss at all; it depends on the chemotherapy drugs that are being administered. Some patients only experience thinning of hair, instead of total loss of hair. Whatever the case is, the hair can grow back right after the treatment or even before that.

Same amount of chemo is given to each patient

The case of every patient is unique. Different doses of chemo are given to different patients depending on their condition.
We should keep this information in mind so that whenever our closed ones or we have cancer, we can let them know about it.